#2 Stop Trying To Please

Published on
May 18, 2022

We are often scared to make hard decisions.

We don’t want to upset people and create tension.

However, this leads to pain in the long run.

Suffering is formed.

Here are 10 things I wish l learnt sooner:

  1. Have the hard conversations sooner and don’t be afraid of the outcome. If we want to be good at this in work, we also need to be good outside of work. How you do anything, is how you do everything. It’s a life commitment.
  2. Make team changes sooner—the heart knows the answer. Take action now.
  3. Work on the hard projects now. I hated re-reading this too :)
  4. Talk openly about the hard stuff in the company. Yep, that thing on our minds.
  5. Hire for potential rather than experience. Potential wins the majority of time, we need to stop chasing the shiny thing. Promote internally more.
  6. Express our emotions in the moment. Don't be afraid to be human, this will also encourage others to be human.
  7. Tell people we truly appreciate them (do it from the heart, really mean it).
  8. Stand up for ourselves if someone has been out of line (whilst treating the other person with compassion).
  9. It's fine to not be accepted or liked. It's business and not personal.
  10. Keep on listening to our hearts. More so if we are scared.

We all need to be internally strong and stop trying to please.


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