#10 Hiring Shortage

Published on
May 18, 2022

We have a shortage of strong experienced candidates in the market. Like a proper shortage! We have:

– Tech giants engulfing the top startup talent with RSU's and high salary packages.
– More VC money, which means more startups, and more hiring needs.
– The top talent being offered incredible life-changing opportunities and crazy bid ups from companies all the time.

One solution - I believe the future for startups is going to be around building the strongest graduate programs, investing in great talent from day one. We usually see them in startups of 500+ employees, but I believe the investment needs to start from Series A. The earlier, the better.

For years, banking, consulting, and accounting have been the best in this area. My first job was in investment banking and I know my graduate class remained loyal to our employer for many years. The two month training in NYC was exceptional and they paid for everything. It was a huge investment.

I believe the demand for graduate talent between Tech and Finance is going to reach new highs this decade.

Graduate recruitment will get 2-3x more investment.

Watch this space and good luck with your hiring.


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