#1 The Rise of Conscious Entrepreneurship

Published on
May 18, 2022

In this decade, I believe we are about to experience a major shift in how businesses are created and run. Currently, our workplaces have too much stress, anxiety and greed—and we all want our workplaces to be filled with joy, compassion, and a deep sense of fulfilment within.

This imbalance will lead to a new breed of entrepreneurs on planet Earth. These leaders are selfless, they are not chasing power, money, and fame.

Conscious entrepreneurship is the movement of business leaders making decisions from the heart rather than for self-interests and ego.

These leaders deeply care for everything they touch. Most importantly, they have done the inner work to understand what really matters, and can now truly give to others. They spread joy in the workplace. They make work = play.

Companies like Whole Foods, Patagonia and LinkedIn are great examples of conscious entrepreneurship because they go into business with a deeper awareness of their intention. Not only does society appreciate them, but they also outperform their peers on the stock markets by 9:1. Everyone wins.

More content on this to follow...

The future of business is bright :) The rise of conscious entrepreneurship.


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